Ballet for Everyone


Classical Ballet

Classical ballet classes are available for all ages. Each class will take you on a journey as you learn to spin, twirl and jump like a ballerina.


Contemporary dance is offered to all children. Your child will learn to move with to music, develop their own artistic abilities and intuition.

Adult Ballet

Ever thought it too late? We say it never is. Adults can be ballet dancers too. Start as a beginner, leave as a pro; you will improve your posture, confidence and fitness.

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Thank you Nadya for the fantastic classes! I have learned so much about myself and how to dance better. Looking forward to many more years of classes!

Nina - Adult Ballet

BG: мне очень понравилась задумка!!!!!!!надя тебе огромного терпения здоровья и творческого порыва на много лет!!!!!!!!

EN: I really enjoyed the idea!!!!!!! Nadya you have great patience health and creative impulse for many years!!!!!!!!


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